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Rituals Of The Nature

2018 I  Modern Figurative I   74x115 ( cm) I   Acrylic on canvas  Palette knife and brush technique

 Price : 450 €

Honestly it was very surprised when this painting became a unique piece of my artworks. It is not because of genius technique ,composition or the type of the paints or earning lots of money with this piece. ‘’The message’’ was coming from what I was reading that moments. But it was also related with the future. We are living in the fourth age of the humanity which I don’t want to discuss about historical periods of this development . In my opinion humanity has to live in harmony with the nature laws. You can find some knowledge below where the idea was coming…

It might just be the oldest spiritual practice in the world one that is not necessarily based on faith in particular god, but rather based on animism, the belief that everything is living and has a sprit. So what is shamanism? Shamanism is thought to be the key to existence, as long as shamanic rituals are practiced we will continue to exist. Shamans are a link between our plane and higher planes of existence. They link to the spirit world in order to heal, contact deceased ancestors, influence the weather, and uplift consciousness.


Reference: Prof.Dr. Harun Gungor, “The Religion of Ancient Turks,” The Turks, Vol.1, Istanbul: YeniTurkiyeYayınları, 2002, p. 777.