Welcome to my Art World


Gamze Damen


I  was born in Ankara\ Turkey. I have been living in Gennep/Netherland  since 2020. Although I studied Journalism at the university but after I went to Fashion and Design school because of my passion for art and fashion. I joined to private painting lessons in his studio with who is well known artist Ferzan Ali Aygen in Turkey between  1998-2003. I also assisted to him for his exhibitions.

Painting Techniques

I started to my art journey with oil painting and guache, airbrush technique on the paper at the very beginning. I also painted some murals as commision works. I have been using acrylic paint with brush and palette knife on my works  which has different subjects recently.

About My Paintings

What I think about my art?  Painting is not point of arrival ,on the contrary, every painting is new starting point on this journey for me. Every painting, every theme or subject gives opportunity to catch different feelings. I find this way very excited and experimental... Come and share my  art journey!!


You walk into a gallery or living room.

When you first see the artwork from across the room, or from the corner of your eye, it looks like a photograph. But then you step closer. Your mind reflexively looks deeper. What was first an accurate, yet blurry, face is now revealed to be what looks like a satellite photo of alien storm clouds. Or is it a maze of silicon logic gates?

It’s both the real-life face, the fantastic details, as well as some third stranger thing.

If you simply take a look back at your own mind while observing abstract realism paintings, photos, or sculptures, you'll find this third stream of thought.

The mind jumps from one perspective, the first realism line of thought, over to the second abstract line of thought and from this interaction comes the third thing.

It’s vertical. Like some kind of mental music, it’s not unlike the musical harmony resulting from two or more independent melodies.

But no matter where you're from and no matter how much experience you have looking at fine art, just being a human makes you a relative expert. We humans are expert lookers. We look at things good. All day, every day, every one of us are practicing the skill of looking.



When my eyes are not behind my easel, I enjoy to capture instant images with photo shots, organic vegetable gardening, practicing yoga, refinishing old furniture and working on creative projects.

I m a lover of nature and finding inspiration from the universe and karma philosophy . I believe in sustainable living is constantly looking to live in better harmony with the laws of nature and when we look deep to the nature then we will understand better everything.

And as Rembrandt Van Rijn said: ‘’Painting is the grandchild of nature.’’