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2019 I Realistic Figurative I  90x105 ( cm) I Acrylic on canvas I Brush technique

Price : 699 €

‘’I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free. ’’Michelangelo

I used many times acrylic texture paint speacially for my abstract paintings. Though this piece is realistic and figurative expression which it can define but my aim was to give marble or stone effect beyond the meaning of painting. Black and white paint used to show to strengthen the sense of simplicity and singularity. Michelangelo ‘ s “David’’ painted thousands time by different artists, once I thought to do same but then I noticed there was lots of perfect charcoal drawings or with other kind of paints or techniques and each of them were unique. I decided first of all it has to look like sculpture because of respect to Michelangelo master. Why? Because nobody could have done what he created . Second issue was to give the feeling about Davids his own powerfull and beautiful hero image.It is said that when carving David, Michelangelo wanted to ensure that the sculpture would convey beauty and emotion from every angle.

Lets  remember  the real story : It took four years for Michelangelo to carve the famous sculpture out of an 18-foot-tall marble block that had been damaged by another sculptor during the 1460s. Upon its completion in 1504, it was so admired by the people of Florence that they decided to place it in the square next to the Palazzo Vecchio, the seat of the Florentine government, instead of on top the Cathedral.

If you are not familiar with the David and Goliath story, it is from the Bible and tells a tale of the power of "right over might". This sculpture represents the character David who by slinging a rock at the giant Goliath, kills him and, in doing so, saves his people.