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David Bowie

2019 I Abstract Modern Portrait I 40 x 50 (cm) I Acrylic on canvas I Brush technique

Price  :  199 €

I guess we all be touched from his personality and music styles at part of our lifes somehere, somehow… I used very popular composition as a reference photo. This photo  was describing him in the space and almost part of it and really like stardust. I started for backround area with prints made by plastic bag pieces, lots of paint drops for the stars effect and painted realistic face on the very abstract space background.     

“And that is a lesson we should all take a cue from: adapting to and learning from change. With a career spanning over decades, Bowie continuously shifted his personality and sexuality from glam rock to soul to electronic to jazz. His long term producer Tony Visconti called Bowie "an innovator who proved time and again that the only way to make music a vital part of our culture is to continue to break the rules." From flame-haired alien rock star Ziggy Stardust in the '70s to a more monochrome Thin White Duke to space character Major Tom to Jareth the Goblin King, his ability to read the pulse of a changing culture and adapt to it is a lesson we can all learn from.’’

By Alexandra Schwartz, January 11,