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Blue Horses 


2019 Abstract Modern  I 40x50 (cm) I  Acrylic on canvas  I  Pallete knife technique 

Horses have been described thousands of times in the history of art and are one of the most used subjects. In my opinion, the horse is a great creature who invites many more concepts such as balance, power, elegance, tenderness, friendship, spirituality. It was an interesting topic for me that caught my attention while writing this article.

Franz Marc made his famous painting The Large Blue Horses in the early 19th century. We used the same color as two artists living in different centuries. None of us knows exactly what he feels or worries about when he paints. However, we have some common perceptions. I believe that horses have a free spirit even if they still live between us.  The blue color that best meets with this feeling. Even if colors and backgrounds change, horses are always strong and masculine, but at the same time they have an elegant, emotional appearance that affects our inner world. The modern abstract landscape that I used in the background meant that horses were sensitive beings that would alert us to issues that we could not perceive as humanity.