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Baby Girl

2019 I Modern Figurative I 24x30 (cm) I Acrylic on canvas I Pallete knife and brush technique

Price : 129 €

The abstract depiction of nature that I emphasized in the foreground is to show that many children can see the nature on the computer. In the background, a baby girl with a more realistic drawing used to express my desire for the new generation to be more in nature.

Today's world: technology, computer and consumer world. Instead of protecting nature and living in nature with harmony, do we go away from it? Of course, some humanity gives serious efforts to raise awareness on this subject. Many people spend time in nature, beautiful happy pictures of children  to share on social media . This is what they understand from nature…

Most important way of thinking is how we use the unique resources of nature efficiently, how we become self-sufficient with these resources. In my opinion, these issues should be the most primary subjects taught in schools ...