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Golden Trees

2019 I Abstract Landscape  24x30 ( cm ) I  Acrylic on canvas I Pallete knife technique

Price : 129 €

I preferred to use only two colors to have attention to the main issue. Gold color and blue color. I used gold colour to describe that trees are the most important and precious parts of the earth. The blue color is to express our freedom of breathing. The next generation will experience the consequences of fires in my homeland and also in the Amazon, the world's most important sources of oxygen and life, and perhaps use these and other pictures on their walls only to remember how the world was in the past ...

Imagine a world without forests, water resources, fertile land, livestock or aquatic life. If we don’t take care of our land, forests and water, our future generations may not be able to enjoy the comforts and benefits of earth that we are enjoying right now. All the trees on earth have either a direct or indirect impact on humans, animals and other living creatures. There are thousands of tree species that benefit us.