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Garden In My Dream

2017   Modern Landscape I  75x115 (cm)  I Acrylic on canvas I Brush technique

Price : 399 €

There is one of my more detailed painting with lots of green color. Some part of the painting very dark as you can see on the painting. Light lines or waves dancing on the plants when the sunlight comes on darker places. This dazzling scene prevent our seeing and some objects stay under dark shadows. This is also possible to see dark lines in the sunlight when you look to photos which taken under sunlight. I created deep perspective to give more power to composition.

You can find this funny or interesting ; I was really dreaming garden like this but more like zen style, stone bird house and maybe nice Buddha sculpture and of course with koi fishes. We moved to another house in the forest with my partner after I create the composition for this painting  and  we have almost same pond  with lots of plants inside and outside.